I am a multidiciplinary web developer based in London. I have 5 years of digital agency experience and I specialise in both client and server side development.

  • HTML

    I've been tinkering with the web since tables were cool. They still are, but only for tabular data! I find great satisfaction from a clean, well indented HTML page that accurately renders the design via CSS. <!--[if lt IE 7]> I'm experienced in accommodating IE where appropriate. <![endif]--> However, I belive there is huge potential in newer technologies like HTML5 and CSS3, particularly now mobile web use is increasing.

  • jQuery / JavaScript

    A rich browser experience really makes the web come to life. On desktops and increasingly for smart phones, this is an essential part of front-end development. It provides opportunities to really improve user experience as well as provide a pleasing sense immediacy and excitement.

  • Django

    Django is my favorite way to get a project up and running quickly. The MVC design pattern is a great way to keep different components of an application nice and separate, and Python is pleasingly tidy, concise and readable.

  • WordPress

    WordPress has come a long way from being just a blogging tool, and is now a very flexible platform. The editing interface makes it very popular with clients. I have spent the last couple of years exploring how to get the best out of it and I closely follow it's developments in the community.

  • Design

    I've been using Photoshop ever since I could hold onto a mouse, and still see the world in layers and blending modes! I began my digital career as a designer, and still like to dabble despite my move towards the more technical side.

Some recent projects…

London Bus Countdown

London Bus Countdown

After discovering that TFL had made available, realtime arrival data for London's 19,000 bus stops, I deciced to have a go at making an HTML5 Mobile app. At the time, the data was available from TFL's website as a JSON feed, powering their website's map. I wanted to use this data to feed a mobile friendly implementation, making use of some of the new JavaScript functionality made possible by HTML5, such as Geolocation, Local storage and Application Caching.

Users can add the app to their homescreen for quick easy access when they are out and about in town.

  • HTML5 + CSS3
  • jQuery Mobile
  • JavaSript
  • Python, (Bottle framework) + Tornado server
  • MongoDB


The Ethical Chef

The Ethical Chef

Deri Reed is a Cardiff based thought leader in vegetarian cooking. He approached me in need of a site support his flourishing social media presence.

The site is a WordPress blog, which allows Deri to publish his appearances at various events, and to discuss ideas with his followers. The blog is closely linked with Facebook via a selection of Social plugins, and the site enjoys a lively up to date stream of discussion.

There is a regularly updated recipe section, which has a strong SEO focus. This type of content provides an opportunity to further target search engines using special semantic recipe markup. Facebook's Open Graph meta-data allows people to like content that refers to an actual recipe. The recipes themselves are marked up using a micro data format designed for recipes. This has meant that some search engine results pages recipes are displayed in a Rich Snippet. Providing an all important reason to click.

A google rich snippet

  • Design
  • HTML + CSS templates
  • Wordpress Build
  • SEO

RAF Benevolent Fund

1940 Chronicle

RAF Benevolent Fund

The RAF Benevolent Fund came to Reading Room with the task of creating a site to help them to engage with a younger audience. The solution was to blog and engage socially with the younger audience by adopting the persona of a set of characters experiencing the Battle of Britain first hand, through the medium of the 1940 Chronicle, fictional a newspaper, reporting events as they happened, 70 years ago.

I worked on the visual design and build of this site, which is a WordPress blog. The site features a number of personalised templates, one for each of the characters, and the newspaper styled homepage.

WordPress was the ideal tool for this, and with a bit of caching, some planning, and a nice big Amazon server; the site stood up to some large volumes of traffic. Particularly when Stephen Fry Tweeted about it.

  • Design
  • HTML + CSS templates
  • Wordpress Build

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